For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

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                As we have witnessed the destruction by fire of so much around us, we cannot help but want to do things to support and help the people in the devastated areas.  I have thought long and hard about the many things that are needed now and will be needed in the future, and sadly, have come up short on what I can do.  The Covid and the smoke may make it hard for many of us to be able to “jump right in”, we may not be physically able to do some of the work, or our families may need us. 

                As I was pondering this, a high school friend that lives in the area called to check on us.  He, too, lives in a wildfire prone area and we have both made the “are you ok?” calls to each other during fires in our respective areas.   This call was different.  He began to talk about the anxiety he was feeling.  The fire was maybe the final thing to bring on feelings of hopelessness, and concern for the future.  We talked about Covid, protests and fires.  He opened up about his feelings of not being able to protect his family and fears of what the future would look like for his grandchildren.  Mostly he needed to say these things aloud and have someone listen.  I certainly do not have answers, but I do have the time to listen and support.  Our phone call ended on a positive note for both of us.  He was feeling more hope, and I was feeling that I could actually do something in these times. 

                In recent days I have been texted by first responders, thanking me for the prayers I was saying for them without me telling them I was praying!  They knew without a doubt I would pray for them and even sent a few specific requests my way.  What a blessing for me!  A friend shared with me of helping an elderly man in a store that just needed a little support but mostly someone to listen to his story.  I have started noticing other people doing creative, yet quiet and unknown things to support our hurting valley.

                God has prepared good works for us to do.  He prepares us to do the work.  For me, I got stuck thinking I needed to physically do, something that was tangible and could be seen by others.  It took the phone call from my friend for God to show me what He had planned for me for these times.

                 Since then I have heard other people wonder what they can do, some are frustrated that they cannot help, and they may feel guilt or sorrow when they see people doing more overtly helpful things.   I would ask that you suspend the feelings of frustration, guilt or sadness.  God has planned for the good works He wants for you in these times.  He knows our talents, he bestowed them upon us.  So in these times, let’s look to God to direct us in the works He has planned. Take joy in your unique ability to listen, pray, comfort and anything else God has in store for you and for all his people.   

Blessings to each and every one,

Carla Tappero, MFC Elders

NEWS FROM OUR CHURCH FAMILY: If you have news that you would like to be included in the monthly Touchstone newsletter please  email  or call the office with the information you would like to share.

Birthdays Being Celebrated in October include: Dawn DuLong, Darcie Greenamyer, Cindi Garrett, Brett Garrett, Sue Hamilton, Kay Goeres, Jean Pickering and Donna Hanson.

Have you read every book in the house (at least once)? Our MFC library has new books to check out and Earlene will be on hand October 6th from 9 a.m. until noon to help.

Update on Operation Christmas Child

(AKA Christmas Shoeboxes)

Operation Christmas Child continues to be an amazing way for us as a body of Christ to send gifts with a message of hope to children around the world. We want to continue to encourage you to consider supporting this ministry and share ways you can do this most effectively this year. In light of the current situation, we will not be having a packing party at the church. Instead, we encourage you to pick up an empty box from the church and then bring it back filled (with a payment for the shipping or you can pay for shipping online) by November 12th. The other option is to go online to Operation Christmas Child and use the “build a shoebox online” feature where you can assemble and pay for a box all online ( Every shoebox, no matter how it is created, helps bring a smile to a child’s heart and an opportunity to hear the gospel message. Thank you!

Financial Report

                        August 2020      Year-to-date

Income               $11,795.45        $ 116,701.57

Expenses             13,775.96           103,926.32

Difference             -1,981.51             12,775.25

We are thankful for everyone who gives to the work of Medford Friends Church through your time, prayers and financial gifts. Thanks to God’s provision and your generous gifts, we have weathered the closure of the church due to Covid 19 and will be ready to continue going forward when this difficult time is behind us.

Friends Women Bake Sale 2020 Style!

First of all, thank you so much for your generosity during our Father’s Day fundraiser! It is truly a blessing for us to be able to continue to support all of the ministries that we do 🙂 

Normally we would have a back to school bake sale and one before Thanksgiving. This year we will combine them into one and operate on a “by order” basis! You can submit an order and then pick it up at the church (or if you do not want to order anything, but would still like to make a contribution, you can send checks to the church made out to Friends Women). You can enjoy your goodies right away or freeze them for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Here are the details: 

Items available to order:

-Pies: Pumpkin, apple, cherry

-Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Sugar (Christmas style available), Gluten Free Pumpkin, Gluten/sugar/dairy peanut free cookies



-Sweet Breads: Zucchini, Banana (gluten and sugar free varieties available)

-Rolls: Wheat, Sour Dough

-Rice Crispy Treats

-Trail Mix with some home-grown components

-Soup Mix in a Jar

-Cookie Mix in a Jar 

Email orders to Janelle Ralph at, or text or call 541-531-1024

*Please place orders by October 30th.

Orders will be available for pick up at the church Mon-Wed, November 16-18.

When you pick up, you can also leave your donation, either in cash or by check made out to Friends Women. Thank You!

The FRIENDS WOMEN October meeting is Friday the 8th at 10:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  We hope to be able to access the Retreat schedule for part of our program. All ladies are welcome to join us for business and/or brown bag lunch in the fellowship hall (12:30). We are a social distancing group.