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We have made it through John! We are now going to be looking at a series I am calling “Shipping Out With Jesus.” For the next 6 weeks we will be taking time to look at some of the “ships” that are part of following Jesus. I am excited for this time to look at these topics and grow together in our walk with the Lord. Thank you all so much for exploring John’s gospel with us. It was such a powerful time for me and I hope it was a blessing to you as well. This year we have all had to change our paces in the various areas of our lives but I hope that God has been blessing you all richly and you have found His presence to be the place of peace you need! As we look at the topics coming up in the next six weeks my hope remains that it is a time for us to learn and grow together how to best live out God’s calling on our lives! Let’s get ready to ship out!