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This season we are experiencing an election. We are taking time to consider options for elected officials locally and federally. We are praying for the results we desire and hoping that everything turns out the way we want. We are wondering what might happen if the other candidate is elected or what the future holds for our nation under our preferred President. We are expecting and hoping. We have an opportunity to see this season, the results of this election, and our desire for the future in a new way. As Christ followers we know that God is in control. We practice prayer that says, “let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Do we take this as a routine prayer? Or do we actually believe that God is in charge and allow Him to shape our world to meet His vision, to reflect His plan and will more than our plan and will? What results are we hoping for? Earthly results or heavenly results? The power of praying away our will and surrendering to God’s is that the results aren’t about our desires or plans but God’s. As we look forward to the results of this election season I hope that we are not losing sight of the fact that we are Christ followers now and will be Christ followers after. That reality won’t have changed and God will still be in control. Take heart from that and let the “things of earth” grow strangely dim!