Roll Call: Present and Accounted For

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2020 is over! We have faced a lot together over the last year and I am glad for a new one to walk through new things with you all. Over the last year we finished up our series on the Gospel of John, looking at the story of Jesus. From there we jumped into “Shipping Out” our series focused on what it looks like to follow Jesus. We explored worship, discipleship, fellowship, stewardship, and leadership. After that we went through Advent, our remembrance of and expectation of Jesus’ coming and His return. All of this leads us to this new series. We know who Christ is, how to follow him, and that He is coming back. What do we do in the mean time? How is God working now in our lives and world? What stories should we look at to guide us? These questions lead us to our new series, Roll Call: Present and Accounted For. This year we are going to be engaging with stories from the Bible that help us understand how God uses people to tell His story and from there how God can use us to continue to tell that story in His world. We hope that you will join us Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in person or on our livestream to walk with us through some powerful stories. See you soon!