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Russia Trip Reflection

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From September 19th through 30th I had the opportunity to join Esther Mae Hinshaw (Newberg Emerging) and Tracy Wilson (Silverton) on a trip to visit Johan and Judy Maurer in Russia. This was a wonderful experience full of amazing moments. We spent time in Moscow orienting ourselves to some of ... Continue


Faith Beyond Reason

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   As I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Russia I am thinking about the opportunity I will have to experience God’s presence in another culture. I am looking forward to all that I will learn from our Russian friends and their experiences with Jesus in their daily lives. I ... Continue


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Hello Friends,   I am excited! I have been asked to join a small team of Northwest Yearly Meeting Friends on a trip to Russia in September. This is an honor and opportunity for me to use my gifts as a minister of the gospel in a new context and to learn ... Continue


Beach Fun

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    I recently went to Cannon Beach for a wedding of some friends. I drove up and spent a couple days with the family in a beach house doing way more than I thought I would need to. Helping out with the wedding and reception set up was in my wheelhouse ... Continue


June Bugs

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    Spring time growing up was a time for exploring the world around me and finding wonder around every corner. It was also a time for June Bugs. These crazy bugs flew around and would often congregate around the screen door to our house. They were attracted by the light on ... Continue


Renovation and Renewal

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    Some of you may have noticed that there is some work being done on the parsonage. We are currently working on redoing much of the interior. This means that walls, electrical, and our heat/air conditioning systems are all being worked on! This process has been pretty amazing to see. We ... Continue


Cling to the Vine

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    Easter is just around the corner! We have been experiencing some wet weather here and while that may be nice for the plants it means our spring hasn’t been the sunniest. Days of cloudy overcast can get us down. The cool rain and breezes make us want to stay inside ... Continue


My Little Kingdom

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    I grew up playing video games. It started with a Nintendo and then a Super Nintendo. We got a Sega Genesis when it came out and it was hard to imagine what could ever be better than the things we saw on the screen. Playing with my brothers was one ... Continue


Cloudy Days

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  It is amazing to me that weather can have such a profound impact on our mood. We experience seasonal and weather changes with our emotions as well as our bodies and that is phenomenal in my opinion. Sunny weather and summer are often experienced as a time of wonder and ... Continue


Being New

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2017. Let that sink in for a bit. Ok, now that it has sunk in we can talk about what it means. We are living in a new year but these things remain true at any time: Jesus is still king. The Lord of all creation still loves you. The world ... Continue