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  Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” The word peace shows up over 370 times in the Bible. Jesus includes peacemakers in the beatitudes as those who will be seen as children of God. Jesus was a peacemaker himself. He came to bring an ... Continue


The Right Stuff

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    I just got back from being fitted for my required uniform to be an official Medford Fire-Rescue Chaplain. I am excited to take this step to serve our community and reach out to those in crisis situations. It is a great chance to connect more with our area and build ... Continue


Hopeful Vision

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  I recently had the opportunity to participate in the mid-year meeting for our region. It was a good time of vision casting for our future together. As we talked together about who we wanted to be the focus on Christ and His mission of redemption for our world was at ... Continue


New Year

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    New Beginnings. A fresh start. A clean slate. These are what we long for in a new year. 2017 is over. 2018 is just beginning and has that New Year sense of hope. We hope that this year will be better than the last one. That we won’t face as ... Continue


Russia Trip Reflection

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From September 19th through 30th I had the opportunity to join Esther Mae Hinshaw (Newberg Emerging) and Tracy Wilson (Silverton) on a trip to visit Johan and Judy Maurer in Russia. This was a wonderful experience full of amazing moments. We spent time in Moscow orienting ourselves to some of ... Continue


Faith Beyond Reason

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   As I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Russia I am thinking about the opportunity I will have to experience God’s presence in another culture. I am looking forward to all that I will learn from our Russian friends and their experiences with Jesus in their daily lives. I ... Continue


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Hello Friends,   I am excited! I have been asked to join a small team of Northwest Yearly Meeting Friends on a trip to Russia in September. This is an honor and opportunity for me to use my gifts as a minister of the gospel in a new context and to learn ... Continue


Beach Fun

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    I recently went to Cannon Beach for a wedding of some friends. I drove up and spent a couple days with the family in a beach house doing way more than I thought I would need to. Helping out with the wedding and reception set up was in my wheelhouse ... Continue


June Bugs

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    Spring time growing up was a time for exploring the world around me and finding wonder around every corner. It was also a time for June Bugs. These crazy bugs flew around and would often congregate around the screen door to our house. They were attracted by the light on ... Continue


Renovation and Renewal

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    Some of you may have noticed that there is some work being done on the parsonage. We are currently working on redoing much of the interior. This means that walls, electrical, and our heat/air conditioning systems are all being worked on! This process has been pretty amazing to see. We ... Continue